Cold In Berlin

Album Title: 
And Yet
Release Date: 
Monday, August 27, 2012
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Deplorable how little info one can find on the Internet about this London based British band! From what I've been able to piece together, the band was formerly known as a quartet under the name of Death Cigarettes until the latter part of 2009, when original singer Maya and guitarist Andy decided to take on a new rhythm section. This altering the synergies within the band to the point where now everyone was contributing to the evolution of new songs, the band changed its name to the current one, and released a debut single on their own label 2076, containing the songs “Destruction” and “What Went Wrong” in November 2009. Those same songs were later also put on a split-release with Death Cigarettes (and one of the two songs by thàt outfit would later be re-used by CIB).

The band released its debut full-length (still on their own label) Give Me The Walls, in November 2010, and followed that up with a single release for the track “White Noise” (February 2011) and an EP entitled White Horse (including the title track, a remix of it, and remixes of 3 other tracks off the debut album), of which I was unable to find the release date. In March 2012, the band then released an EP for the track “...And The Darkness Bangs” (contained the title track, a remix of it, and an additional previously unreleased track entitled “The Lie”), and in August CIB issued its sophomore album, this time distributed via Candlelight.

Stylistically, the band brings a hybrid of Punk Rock alà Refused with Goth Rock-Pop alà Joy Division and Christian Death. The additional difference of course laying in Maya's female vocals, which come across like a hefty combination of Cindy Lauper and Becky Bondage. Somewhere along the line the band also injects a Stoner influence in the guitar, which sets the band apart on its own in the GothPop scene even more! A point of criticism about sound quality can be brought forward, in that the vocals were put up front in the mix. Because, while on the one hand the vocals àre the band's best asset, regrettably the mix diminishes the quality of the instruments.

For audio (samples) check the band's own website (www.) (where links will lead you to material at bandcamp and SoundCloud. You might also check out the band's MySpace (6 full-length songs available) or pages (only samples, but of more tracks).