The Dear Hunter

Album Title: 
Migrant Reprise
Release Date: 
Tuesday, February 18, 2014
Review Type: 

The Dear Hunter is a progressive rock band consisting of singer/writer/producer/multi-instrumentalist Casey Crescenzo and drummer Nick Crescenzo. The band already released 2 full length albums and one EP on Triple Crown Records over the past 4 years. Their latest release entitled Migrant Reprise” (which has been out since last month) just found it’s way to my desk.

A band I never heard of, not even a band that’s metal…but as open minded as we are we gave it a listen. This is not a band who’s concerts I would attend, but fair is fair…for they kind of music they make, they do a pretty good job. It’s melodic with a lot of variation and every song does sound different while maintaining a certain concept towards the album. Now myself as a metalhead, but with a girlfriend being not a metalhead, I do get the “chance” to see and hear this kind of bands. In comparison, these guys are not the best out there but they do score (in my opinion) higher than the average.

So certainly not bad if you are open minded and willing to give it a go. And with 19 songs on 1 disc, so you get what you paid for and you can’t go wrong with that.