Death Penalty

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Death Penalty
Release Date: 
Monday, August 11, 2014
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It had been rumoured for a while , Gaz Jennings of Cathedral fame, hooked up with some members of Belgium’  doom cult heroes Serpentcult (singer Michelle Nocon and drummer Fredrik Cosemans) and an album was in the works….. A single released earlier this year already gave us an insight in things to come…. Doommetal with capital D based  heavily on the early doombands such as –ofcourse- Black Sabbath, Witchfynder general, Pentagram and early Cathedral themselves. Death Penalty deliver the goods, from opener Grotesque Horizon to closer Written by the insane, this is a must for all doom fans out there,  personal favourite for me is the up tempo “Immortal by your hands” which is the best 2014 released metal song  by far…