Album Title: 
The X Experiment
Release Date: 
Monday, December 2, 2013
Review Type: 

The X experiment” is according to  the band based on and I quote  “a great futuristic concept, a modern fantastic story set in a post-nuclear world where chaos reigns and humanity does not believe in anything…a story that will further develop in the next album ,   all in an epic /progressive power metal, fashion. And indeed that’s what’s being served, 9  glorious over the top produced anthems,  in which -no doubt -skilled musicians are trying to fit as much as possible notes in every track, use of a  choir every so often and in  singer /guitarist Max Aguzi  they have the genre typical high pitched vocals  ( all be it with an Italian accent). People who are into other Italian genre sharing bands such as Labyrinth or Rhapsody (on fire or not) can buy this without any hesitation.. For me personally it all becomes all a bit boring after a couple of tracks....