Album Title: 
Dust In Our Eyes
Release Date: 
Saturday, February 23, 2013
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Taking their name from a specific area, also known as The Valley Of Armageddon, in the Palestine Region of Israel, Brazilian Death-Thrash trio Esdrelon (current line-up consisting of bassist/ singer Darcio Aguilar, guitarist/ singer Cleber Beraldo, and drummer Jack Ferrante) formed at the start of 2002 in the industrial area of ABC (hum...I'm not sure what that means). The band's debut recording, the EP Your Truth, was released in 2005, and not only gained the band a healthy reputation in their home country, but also further afield. Indeed, it may have taken some time, but eventually it led to Casket Music releasing the band's full-length album.

With the aim to constantly question the social and cultural paradigms in this collapsing world which is so near to chaos, where truths are questioned and faith is constantly put in doubt, the band plays an occasionallt speedy yet always harmonious Thrash Metal mixed with Traditional Heavy Metal and more aggressive Death Metal elements. Of course, the melodic part of the music is consistent with the simple line-up, as the trio constellation prevents any band from making things too chaotic. And although the band made us of recording techniques to add the occasional extra riff during solos, the music arrangements remain geared toward the melodic side of things! Okay, so whence occur those Death Metal elements, you may wonder? Why, in the vocals, of course...yet even here the guys make for some melodic touch, frequently putting in their vocal bits at the same time. There's a couple of wacky moments on the album, such as the opening passage (a sample of another Death Metal band's song, played at diminished volume?) of the album opening “Agonizing In Faith”, the low-volume played sample (of some Brazilian big band's popular song, I guess) at the opening of “Voices Of The Exile”, and the Folky acoustics midway the album's title track, but really they're oddities which give the album an extra flavoring (could be, they have a function meant by the band's musicians within the songs as well) and diversity. And, for the lyrics of the song “Intimate Verses”, the band used some poetry by Augusto Dos Anjos...although by just listening to the track, you would possibly never guess!

The info sheet mentions the guys being influenced by the likes of Pantera, Arch Enemy, Slayer and Nevermore, so if you're into socio-politically aware melodic Thrash with Death Metal leanings (the label suggests the album to fans of Lamb Of God, Children Of Bodom, Arch Enemy, Pantera, Sepultura, and Carcass), then by all means check out (www.) (and, I'm sure, there must be more spots on the Internet where you might find music by this band), or the band's page at the label's website (www.)