Album Title: 
Crypt Of The Black Solar Order
Release Date: 
Thursday, October 22, 2015
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On December 27th 2015 I did upload a review on the latest Avitas-release, Freezing The Holy Land, one of the solo-outfits of Canadian artist Pat ‘Myrtroen’. I’d like to invite you to read that one concerning the past, present and future details on this guy’s efforts. And future, it means: Pioneers, the upcoming album, which will hit the face of the ignorant gods very soon! Stay focused, folks!

With Kabexnuv, Myrtroen (the name refers to this guy’s great grandfather) did truly surprise me, the positive way, by means of the split with Brazil’s Dol Guldur (see update December 24th 2015). Their minimalistic Thelemic Black Metal, paying tribute to the children of Horus, is somewhat differing from Myrtroen’s approach with Avitas, but it was (and still is) at least as impressive and interesting as that main outfit. Once again this new material gets released via Myrtroen’s own Bud Metal label, and it consists of four exclusive tracks that, to my opinion, define the essence of Kabexnuv.

The digital EP opens with Caverns Of Wewelsburg, which was recorded on September 28th 2015 at Odin’s Den Studio, the day after the blood moon eclipse. Caverns Of Wewelsburg comes with no overdubbing, but it consists of first recording takes. And FYI: this track was initially recorded for presenting this outfit on the latest Hammerstorm sampler by Barbatos Productions. This track lasts for almost eight minutes and you do hear the un-dubbed performance, for it does sound so raw and unpolished yet, at the same time organic and natural. There is a level of occultism that covers the whole experience, but I think the track sounds little more oppressive and pounding than the material on the split with Dol Guldur. It’s not the sound alone that gives me this impression, yet the vocal lines (so grim, so haunting) and the epic melody structures too are of importance to define this feeling. Actually, there is more Mayhem in this track than Avitas!

Next come three other pieces, amongst which the instrumental version of Caverns Of Wewelsburg. To be honest, I do not get the point of having this version as addition. It’s the same yet without the vocals, and okay, it might focus on the mayhemic approach, if you want to, but I do not really see the point of it. It does not mean that I am disappointed by this piece, but I just wonder: what’s the purpose?

Both other songs are instrumental ‘improvisational rituals’ recorded in one single take at last year’s Summer Solstice, defined as ‘an experiment with two songs from one shared drum track’ (cf. the digital page). Occultum Lux Ad Infinitum and Infinitum Lux Occultum are like occult, transcendental, ritual, mesmerizing and magic-cosmic aural creations, the first one being quite hypnotic, the second one rather dwelling within spheres of apocalyptic and post-industrial eeriness, including a hateful funereal touch of timeless misanthropy. Despite lacking of vocals, there is… well, actually, I do not miss vocal lines this time, and that means something. The instrumental execution speaks for itself, and I do like the tongue, the unspoken language… Listen carefully and you’ll get the message anyhow…

I know it will take a while before Myrtroen will come up with a new Kabexnuv-album, but until then we’ll have to do with this (digital) release. Once again I am quite impressed, so I do look forward to… No, I need to be patient, but the good news is: in a couple of weeks we will have to deal with the newest Avitas-effort, so that’s quite a cool omen as well, is it not.