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Friday, January 23, 2015
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Hailing from Hildesheim in Germany, Kalamata is a relatively young instrumental band founded in 2013.

The threesome (being Peter Jaun, Olly Opitz and Maik Blümke – and you'll excuse me for not being able to give you the individual responsibilities to the sound of the band, as I am temporarily devoid of Internet) with a penchant for all things Stoner and Psychedelic Space Rock, first spent time in the rehearsal space to hone their skills, and then set forth to playing their first show in early 2014. From that, they took an eagerness to grace the stage more, and developed an addiction for being on the road, and share their music with an ever-increasing amount of people. Thus far, they have, evidently, toured Germany, but also went through the Czech Republic...and early 2015 would see the guys visit Denmark and Greece for a couple of shows (no idea whether that's already happened, so check the site mentioned below).

Having an album out, is of course another way to spread your music, and luckily for the threesome they were apparently contacted by the Hannover based Zygmatron Promotions, who also happen to have a label. So, off to the studio the boys went (no mention of which one, though...so it might've been a home studio), where one Rolf Hammermeister (could that really be his actual name?) not only recorded the music of 7 tracks, but also mixed and mastered it. For some reason, the band decided to name these “You”, “Have”, “To”, “Die”, “Soon”, “Mother”, and “Fucker”...which, as you may have noticed, reads in one rather awkward sentence. From where that negativity, I don't know (and it would be interesting to find out from the band members), as for the most part the music is uplifting rather than depressing...or, at least, that's how I experience  it! The info sheet we got with our promo copy of the album states that Kalamata might appeal to people who're fans of Hawkwind, Motorpshycho, and Kyuss, but I'd say that those into the latter two might find the band most to their liking, as there's more Stoner influences here than there are Space Rock elements.

Still, I invite anyone into the cited bands (and more of such ilk) to check out what's posted at (www.) facebook.com/kalamataband (by the way, there's a possibility that the complete album is available for streaming/ downloading at (www.) kalamata.bandcamp.com). Nice stuff indeed!