The Kill

Album Title: 
Kill Them …All
Release Date: 
Monday, January 5, 2015
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Since a couple of years, Australia seems to become one of the most important countries when it comes to Grindcore. And then I am not talking about the ‘average’ kind of grinding ugliness; I am referring to a new angle within the scene. Internal Rot, Captain Cleanoff, Infested Entrails, Coffin Birth, Filth (they seem to have been resurrected), Fuck… I’m Dead and many more; they’re all doing what the grind-fan needs: infecting our mind with slime, pus, mucus…

Let’s add The Kill to this list. I didn’t know them, but apparently they are active for fifteen years under this moniker, with quite some releases in mean time. …especially split material, of course, but isn’t that sort of standard for the Grind-scene? And since Transcending Obscurity’s Kunal – I know he’s quite a grind-freak – comes with nothing but superlatives…

Anyway, despite quite some years of dwelling around the grinding globe, this isn’t but the band’s second ‘real’ album, but it does not matter: with this release The Kill will grind you to, eh, to… I don’t know, but it isn’t a pretty place, I guess…

No, seriously, there’s something like ‘Grindcore’, being a genre that has been hollowed-out completely since Carcass and Napalm Death left their path of gore supremacy, and then you have Grindcore, like in GRINDcore. …indeed, the way countries like the Czech Republic or Sweden did put this genre on the map. The Kill do belong to this current. With Kill Them …All, these pretty guys bring twenty seven minutes of totally frenzy mind-destruction. As a matter of fact, and that’s quite remarkable, this project isn’t just another Grind-act. No, they combine their stuff with quite an impressive dose of Thrash Metal (the Teutonic way!), and that’s quite remarkable. The vocals, the solos, many riffs; I’d rather label this band as a grind-injected Thrash band, to be honest. But whatever, why limiting ourselves to narrow-minded encapsulations… And besides, I do not know if the band intends to do so, but I think there’s quite some irony and sarcasm in performance. F*ck Metallica, hail Regurgitate (there’s the cover not to ignore, evidently)… And why not: hail Anthrax ;-)

Anyway, in case you adore the venomous, sardonic way that acts like Collision, Insect Warfare, Nasum, Noisear, Wounds, Antigama, Wormrot or Rotten Sound (and what to think about ‘later’ Brutal Truth or Napalm Death?...) do infect your brain (the painful way), then you will soon be addicted to The Kill’s Kill Them …All; that’s a promise!