King Of Asgard

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Friday, July 18, 2014
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King Of Asgard a Swedish death/Viking metal formed in 2008 , almost in the south of Sweden Mjölby. When Karl Beckman teamed up with long time fellow worker, Karsten Larsson, whom he had previously performed with in the well-known viking horde Mithotyn. The duo worked on re-discovering their roots, thereby establing the foundation of King of Asgard, both musically as well as in the Norse heritage lyrical approach. Present members are: Karl Beckman - Guitar, Vocals / Jonas Albrektsson – Bass / Lars G Tängmark – Guitar / Karsten Larsson – Drums.

Karg” their new album after 1 demo (2009) 1 single (2014) and 2 Full-length albums (2010-2012). The Title “Karg” means bare. Their music grows with the years. Every new album has something new This time the cd has got a melodic flow that fits in the sphere sometimes very sensitive and then very rough. Starting the album with “The Runes of Hel” the vocals are rough but blends with the music and it fits. One of my favorites is “Highland Rebellion” Nice raw guitar riff with straight drum work from Karsten Larsson. And then the fifth song on this album start like something very fragile a fairytale. When the guitar start to play and Karl Beckman starts to sing, you can feel and touch the intention of this song and what a song. I can say that no other Viking band makes a cd like this. This album you must have don’t wait just buy it!