Magnus Karlsson’s Free Fall

Album Title: 
Magnus Karlsson’s Free Fall
Release Date: 
Friday, June 14, 2013
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What have we gotten here.  Magnus Karlsson, axe wielder with Primal Fear is pleasuring the world with his first solo album.  Musically this bridges a gap between hard rock, and symphonic heavy metal.

A bit like Timo Tollki on his recent solo album, he’s called in the aid of a score of guest vocalists, like Russell Allen – who also featured on Timo’s album by the way, Ralf Scheepers, Tony Harnell and others, but next to these guest vocalists, he also sings some songs himself. The album opens with one of the bet tracks on the album ‘Free Fall’, sung by Russell  but the next song, ‘Higher’ that’s sung by Ralf Scheepers isn’t too bad either.  As a matter of fact all tracks are nice, but I must admit that Mr. Magnus vocal performances are the weakest on the album, his guitar skills on the other hand are fantastic.

A very good debut solo album, I’m absolutely looking forward for a repeat performance.