Nihilistinen Barbaarisuus (2)

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Monday, September 2, 2013
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[same introduction as I did for the Synkkä Tuuli re-release; see recently updated review for that release, posted earlier this week, on December 24th 2015]

I never mind to write a review for older material, as long as it might need the attention it deserves. Pretty much the same goes for two releases I recently received from Infernal Kommando Records, dealing with the band Nihilistinen Barbaarisuus. This stuff is two years of age, but since 1) I did receive it quite recently and 2) it is of a superb quality…

Nihilistinen Barbaarisuus are a project formed in 2012 by Finnish guy Mika Mage (he currently lives in the U.SSS.A.), also known from the Space Ambient / Prog Rock band Lawrence’s Creation’s fame. Väinämöinen is a two-track EP that got released at the same moment of the Synkkä Tuuli tape-release (the CD-r edition was initially available via Horror Pain Gore Death Production as from very early Spring 2013). The cassette opens with the title track, which opens with an atmospheric synth-introduction, before exploding with a mostly pyroclastic energy. The track stands for a grim and raw Black Metal creation, focusing on traditional elements, epic melodies and a Nordic-styled approach. The vocals are extremely grim and hateful, the melody lines create a moody, haunting and even melancholic atmosphere, and the rhythm section (basses, drums and rhythm guitars) are more than ‘just supportive’, for they continuously push and pull. This somewhat lengthy track (6:40), above all, has quite some variation in speed and structure. The other track is the short (1:50) instrumental piece Yö, Jolloin Hän Kuoli, acoustic and atmospheric, integer and dreamy – quite the opposite of the title song, yet still a form of ear candy

One element I do need to add: the sound quality. I cannot say it is just bad, but I won’t (and can’t) admit that it is a great sound either. I am afraid that a better mix would be more attractive, for it will reject quite a population…