Album Title: 
La Danza Degli Spiriti
Release Date: 
Friday, January 31, 2014
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Poemosia an Italian symphonic metal band members: Tina Gagliotta (Voice), Marco Monaco (Guitar), Ciro Scognamiglio (Bass), Giuseppe Carillo (Keyboards) and Vincenzo Grande (Drums) and Sakis Tolis (growl voice on Anemone).

La Danza Degli Spiriti” in their own language, Italian. The album is composed with a symphonic sphere a copy of “Epica” a combination of opera and metal. Technical not a bad cd but nothing original from their self. I know there are fans for this femal-frontes symphonic scene but I suspected another way of look on the kind of music. Don’t invent something that is already invented. The album is not bad at all but not original enough.