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Friday, June 14, 2013
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This very new (founded in early 2013) Karlruhe-based German band consists of singer Oliver Hormuth, guitarist Jonas Herr, bassist Jan-Philipp Steinel, and drummer Linus Müller, and describes its music as “Alternative Hardcore”.

Although a new name to the scene as a band, the unit's individual members are said (without explanations in the info sheet we got along with the download promo of this here release) to have “years of experience in playing and writing music”, and that (along with the possibility that one or more of 'em already has connections within the “business” side of music) for sure is the reason why the foursome is off on a flying start, their debut 2-track (CD) single (produced by Aljoscha Sieg – known, or rather renowned, from past productions of Marathonmann, Nasty, The Haverbrook Disaster, Light Your Anchor, and many more...and for his infamous Köln based Pitchback Studios) released within the first half year of getting together as a band!

So, on their facebook page, the band describes itself as an “Alternative Hardcore” acts, which can pull thoughts in many different ways as a description. The label puts things as follows (and I cite) : “Sharptongue stands for uncompromising, direct Hardcore music without being anywhere near generic. Combining rocky Hardcore with a grim/ melancholic touch, Sharptongue is hard to compare with others but could partly remind you of bands like Harms Way, Stray From The path, Trapped Under Ice and Ligeia... Sharptongue will come as a real bombshell. Playing energetic alternative Hardcore with a rocky but also melodic strain, they are ready to bring a whole new facet to the international Hardcore scene, and are prepared to face anything in their way. Sharptongue know what they want, and they are going to take it.3

Well, as long as the rest of their music is in a same vein, this foursome is sure welcome t anything they can get, indeed! Personally (but I have a very distorted mind), upon hearing the two songs the first time, I felt they were geared in an awkward (awkward always being “good”) style of Metalcore...but that was before I got to read the info, and I feel one must have respect of how a band feels about itself Alternative Hardcore it is, and with a heads-off kind screamer of a vocalist too! You can listen to the track snakes (as video) either at the band's page on their label's website (www.), or at the band's own facebook page (www.) Check it out, and be surprised!