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Friday, March 28, 2014
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Sinbreed” was founded as Neoshine, and made it to release three demos under that name, but was forced to change to “Sinbreed” in order to avoid legal issues with an homonymous American company. A german metal group’ delivers fresh blood to the scene with their uncompromising, medolic power/speed metal. Current line-up: Herbie Langhans (vocals), Flo Laurin (guitars), Marcus Siepen (guitars), Alexander Schulz (bass) and Frederik Ehmke (drums).

Shadows” their second album with some power! Opener “Bleed” what a song, the play with the singer and the heavy and strong guitar riff. When you hear Herbie Langhans sings what a voice flies like a knife through the air. Same with the second “Shadows” also title track, an explosive and solid number. I think I like this band, to make an album like this you must have the power and the brains to make this. Great solo changing with a ruff guitar riff and a voice sounds like a bell! I am well surprised with a product, album like this. We’re going hear more of them in the future. Like “Leaving the Road” a number to lick you fingers what a sound…

Shadows” a real good German product that you must heave!