Sonic Poison

Album Title: 
Harsh Demonstration
Release Date: 
Tuesday, July 5, 2016
Review Type: 

Before taking off: this is NOT a review on the (legendary) Hardcore / Punk act!

This review deals with a Death / Thrash act, which does release a nasty, short but right-in-the-face EP, appropriately called Harsh Demonstration. Indeed it is a harsh demonstration on how to make sonic ugliness attractive. For the better part the band succeeds to do so…

This is quite a primitive execution of old school violence, primal in song writing, proto in atmosphere. Filled with elements from both European and North-American ugliness, including frostian ‘ugh’s, and a brutal f*ck-you-all attitude, Harsh Demonstration surprises with its rawness combines with a joy-of-play. Great solos, blasting drum salvos, gnarling bass riffs, venom-spitting throats, yeah, about all that is needed appears in all its glory!

Especially within the mostly Black / Thrash edged parts I am getting my satisfaction, but that isn’t but my personal aural fetish. But I am sure that everyone who likes the most uncompromising and essential form of old schooled extremities (Black / Death / Thrash / Grind) will surely appreciate this noisy sh*t.

I admit that this must be my shortest review in a century, but it’s like this EP: quick and to the point. …not as violent, however…

Oh yes, 150 copies available (pro-tape edition)…