The Tower

Album Title: 
Hic Abundant Leones
Release Date: 
Monday, March 3, 2014
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This Swedish band was founded after the trio of brothers Erik (vocals) and August (guitar) along with their friend Viktor (bass) moved from the woods in the North to Uppsala (in order to attend University to “study the science of harvesting the earth), where they encountered drummer Tommie Eriksson (a Russian refugee with a past in the bands Ligament, Nocturnal Rites, Therion, Shadowseed and  a still lasting membership with Saturnalia Temple – he is also active in his own side-project Lapis Niger, and has written an occult survey entitled Mörk Magi, which was published in 2001).

The story told at the band's facebook page is of course quite silly talk, and completely off the rocker (if you can understand that deformed saying), but I guess we can ascertain that the quartet actually got together somewhere in 2012, and didn't tally to record a demo (which will apparently soon be released on 12-inch vinyl by Dybbuk Records). Somehow, word got out, and as a result we can now enjoy the band's debut full-length, released through new specialist label Bad Omen Records (who so far released material by Asomvel, Satan's Satyrs, CC Company, and most recently Wytchfynde...which kinda places the band stylistically, in a way...because The Tower play a self-claimed “Bad Luck Boogie”, which in essence is a hybrid of '70s styled Blues Rock and early Doom, with a singer whom sounds like he was born in time to fit the earlt '70s Psychedelic era! Very nice combination indeed!

You can find a couple of tracks (3 in total, posted 10 months prior to the album's release, and therefore possibly culled from the demo?) posted at (http://), including album closer “The Tower” which, at nearly 12 minutes' playing time, is also the longest track.