Wampyric Rites / Funeral Fullmoon

Album Title: 
Spectral Shadows Of The Forgotten Castle
Release Date: 
Wednesday, March 1, 2023
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Inferna Profundus Records is a label from Lithuania, dedicated to the Underground scene of the worldwide Black Metal community. The label houses bands and projects from all over our marvelous globe, with a focus on both new material as well as reissues of material that needs and deserves any additional support. Hey, count me in!

I will notgo too deep into the philosophy of this label, but every three months or so, they do release a batch of new and previously released stuff. March 1st from the magnificent year 2023 was, for example, a highlight for Wampyric Rites, with the re-release of demo-stuff and – and that’s where this review will deal with – a magnificent split with Funeral Fullmoon. The latter too is part of the Inferna Profundus Records’ family with more than a hand full of astonishing (re) releases. …Worth mentioning, even-though it deals with a 2020-re-issue…

Anyway, both bands are part of the Pure Raw Underground Black Metal Plague Circle and the Old True Dungeon Synth Committee, which both are closely related to the label involved. Their collaborative split, Spectral Shadows Of The Forgotten Castle, has now been repressed and reissued, yet of course in a very limited edition, on vinyl and, of course, digitally. Initially, this split was released at the beginning of Summer 2020 via Ingo Perzel Promotion (on cassette), with a first vinyl-pressed release later that year via Inferna Profundus Records. In Autumn 2022 there was a compact-disc release too (Consumed By Flames Productions), and now we can enjoy another edition on (splattered) vinyl (extremely limited, evidently) and via digital format.

The A-side brings three lullabies by Ecuador-based entity Wampyric Rites, recorded with string-master Vrolok who sadly passed away in the meantime. This material was originally recorded during Winter 2019-2020 (with adaptations afterwards). The opening composition, simply called I, is like a monumental soundtrack for victory and bravery, combining the most glorious aspects of Martial Dungeon Synth with elements from Dark Drone, Martial Industrial and Dark Ambient. Haunting synths and militant drum-patterns mingle into (or towards) a sinister and oppressive epos. Yet as from II on (and track III included), Wampyric Rites burst out into some intolerable and somewhat ancient form of all-devastating Black Supreme Metal Glory; you know, that kind of Black Metal that goes back to the roots of the scene while preaching sermons of misanthropy, blasphemy and disgust for humanity. It’s melodious, this stuff, with almost mesmerizing leads and epic constructions, supported by mighty, powerful rhythm assistance (bass + rhythm guitars) and pushing, sometimes even blasting drum / percussions patterns. The atmosphere suffocates, the lights of heaven are fading, turning into foggy, sulfur-reeking shades of apocalyptic nihilism, yet the aural outcome is seductive, even satisfying in all its isolationist nihilism. Ear-f*cking orgasm…

Funeral Fullmoon, one of the outfits of Chilean demon Magister Nihilifer Vendetta 218, contributes with three elegies as well, which were initially recorded during Summer 2019. Here too the opening piece differs from the ‘main’ sonic malignancy, yet still this track, called A Lonely Walk, teases and pleases. A bleak (and deeply beautiful) mixture of Winter Synth and Dark Ambient smoothly introduces the evilness yet to come. But with Death Winds, Funeral Fullmoon show their malignant face, satisfying the morbid audience with highly-melodic yet purely evilized old-styled Black Metal. This Underground-laden material – and this goes for both the sound-quality / production as well as the song-writing / execution – does not focus on high-speed violence or intense brutality it’s the inner virulence that sovereigns. It’s a pure form of old-schooled blackened elegance that takes over the seemingly beauty of darkness, executed through eldritch voices, rawly-executed strings and militant percussions anyhow.

Okay, the sound-quality might not satisfy your erectional pleasures, but f*ck that, for the whole package transcends the narrow-minded, infantile stuff we have to deal with lately. Inferna Profundus Records spit on fake would-be stuff (hehe, so do I), with some re-issues; whatever, just check this stuff out!

PS: some more reviews on newer material will follow soon! Hail to the Underground!