We All Die (Laughing)

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Tuesday, January 14, 2014
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Pfiew...pretty high-class project, this, being a collaboration between singer Arno Strobl and multi-instrumentalist Déhà. If you have no idea whom those people are, jut read on...

Singer Arno Strobl came to prominence as the frontman of the now defunct Carnival In Coal, but that was not his first endeavour in the world of Extreme Metal, as curriculum also includes previous tenures with the bands Burgul Tokhaïn, Funny Crime and Maladaptive. Following the demise of CIC, he was asked to do guest vocals on an EP by French act 6:33, whom were at the time actually looking for a new lead singer. The EP however became such a success, that 6:33 invited Strobl to also do the vocals of their latest album, issued under the monicker 6:33 & Arno Strobl. If my info source doesn't fail me, Strobl is at this moment also active with the bands/ projects Tridus Elesticus and KrOaK.

Multi-instrumentalist Déha is apparently somewhat of a butterfly, having a go at several projects at the same time. Formerly a member of Wunde, Ithilien and Dunkelnacht, his current projects/ bands include (at least, for as far as my info source is still up to date, you know) NOD, Khel, Jah El Camino, Ignifer, GigaPenzor, Eat Their Crusts, COAG, AutoDestructionNeeded, Aurora Borealis, Alenda, Yhdari, Slow, Merda Mundi, Maladie, Imber Luminis, Deviant Messiah, and Deos (incredibly, I managed to read all of that aloud in one breath!).

According to the info-sheet we got along with the promo copy of the first edition of the album (more about that later), the two had not yet met in person, but they collaborated (over the internet, I suppose) to put together the music and lyrics/ singing involved in the 33-minute single track of which the album is comprised. When the recordings (done at Déhà's studio in Mons, Belgium) were done, the two actually met, and together prepared and devoured a delicious lasagna. Musically speaking, what you get is a rather nice (understatement, that!) Progressive Metal with a variety of elements, which at one moment focus on a more epic sound, and the next will find you dwelling in the more extreme forms of Metal. Outside the habitual use of drums, bass, and guitars, there's also some keyboards in the background, a passage with either clarinet or hobo, and there's even a cleverly used sample from a (french) movie. As stated in the aforementioned info-sheet the album should be a delight for fans of Ihsahn, Shining (Sweden), Katatonia, Opeth, and even Edge Of Sanity's “Crimson”. For me personally, listening to Strobl's vocal stylings was a first (at least I think so), and I have to say I was utterly charmed by his capacities. Of course, there's different styles used, going from a darker and deeper growl/ grunt to a somewhat gravel/ course one, and at one occasion going into an almost hysterical type! Evidently, the song's topic, which deals with a dark introspective of one's self after a grave disillusion, with the main character going through different stages, from almost suicidal guilt to desperation, from doubt to fear, and to anger directed to one's self and others. In hindsight, I have to say that we all go through such emotions at times, but usually contain our emotions, and the character of this song therefore seems therefore to be a borderline pathological case. Still, toward the end of the song he kinda seems to be able to contain himself somewhat, so let's hope that, as with so many people, having “aired” his feelings will help him to be able to smile again later on!

The album, by the way, is first released on a limited rotation of 1000 copies, and packaged in a digipak. As a bonus, that limited first edition will also contain a very personal cover of deceased British singer Amy Winehouse's “Back To Black”...a rendition which should also be seen as a tribute to a very curious artist. For those of ou whom hadn't been convinced yet about the qualities of this band, music by We All Die (Laughing) (Heheh...and what a way to go, eh?) can be found at (http://) listen.kaotoxin.com/album/thoughtscanning! Check it out, and then run, run over to the record store to get a copy of the first edition of the album...or order the thing online, eh? Ach...before I forget...apparently Déhà has recently relocated to, ahem...was it Slovenia? I seem to have mislaid that info somehow, so don't take it for gospel truth!