Cooperative Music

Andrew Wyatt

This New York City native began his career in music quite some time ago, bustin' his chops in bands of Joan Wasser, Black Beetle (which featured members of Jeff Buckley's band), and Michael Tighe's Post Punk Revival act The A.M....but at the moment he is certainly best known as the singer of duo Electronic Indie act Miike Snow and, more recently, through his collaboration with Mark Ronson (for the composition of the Royal Ballet Of London's Car


This band is composed of the married couple of Dexter Tortoriello and Megan Messina, and was started in 2010, after they had lived on the island of Papaikou (Hawaii) for a short period.


Following the release of Wonderful, Glorious's predecessor, 2010's Tomorrow Morning [which was the closing of the trilogy started with June 2009's released Hombre Lobo (the second part being January 2010's release of End Times) – see reviews by yours truly, of the chronologically latter albums, posted 24/02/ 2010 and 23/08/2010 respectively for more details], Eels as a band (mastermind Mark Oliver Everett alias E, plus guitarists The Chet and P-Boo, bassist Koool


Having heard rumors about Belgian Pop Rock act Toy (released albums, now classics in the genre, in 1979 and 1981, both in my possession) working on a comeback album (as a follow-up to the release of the 2012 single “Walking Backwards”), I kinda mistook this London based band's debut album for that. A deception which lasted as long as the time between my editor-in-chief's handing the info-lacking download, to the first minute I was listening to the CD when I got home from an afternoon of work at ConcreteWeb's headquarters.

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