Debemur Morti Productions


French act Dirge is about to celebrate its twentieth anniversary (!). A first result of this upcoming party is the release of the band’s sixth album, Hyperion, which was recorded and mixed by original member Marc T., and mastered by Nicolas Dick (known as well from Kill The Thrill, and collaborating on this album as guest too, by the way, besides Lycia’s Tara Vanflower and Milena Rousseau of Miroda-fame).


Without any doubt, the duo Ævangelist (multi-instrumentalist, composer, lyricist, producer, engineer and mixer Matron Thorn and vocalist / lyricist / music co-writer / co-engineer Ascaris) created (one of) my absolute 2012-Number One-album (s) De Masticatione Mortuorum In Tumulis (via I, Voidhanger Records).


This Philadelphia based band may be relatively new to many European Post-Metal/ Post-Hardcore fans, but Rosetta has apparently been about for a decade now, and in that time they already delivered 3 full-length albums prior to this newest one. They have a funny bio, which I didn't have the heart to keep from the reader...


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