Dunkelheit Produktionen

Grimoire De Occulte

The history of Grimoire De Occulte goes back to the very beginning of this decade. Bernd, the guy involved as drummer in bands like Nacht or Lost, and the same person who runs the Dunkelheit Produktionen label, created this outfit to focus more deeply on aspects like occultism, afterlife, dreamworlds and rituals.


The scene from India is not exactly where we refer to when thinking about Extreme Metal. When it comes to labels, my knowledge is limited to one hand full of labels worth mentioning (Metal Masala, Cyclopean Eye Productions, Tormented Whores Of Da’ath Records (unfortunately defunct) and, of course, mighty Transcending Obscurity Records (owned by the fantastic guy Kunal), are those who dwell within my memory [and collection]).


It isn’t that strange anymore to sing in the mother tongue. French, Slavic languages, German, Scandinavian and so on; almost each single country houses bands or projects that do not use English as lyrical source of expression, yet their very own tongue. This goes as well for the Dutch language. In both the Netherlands and Flanders (the Northern part of Belgium), the Dutch speak gets used within the texts. This also goes for the new act Laster (it means ‘defamation’, ‘calumny’, ‘vilification’).


I honestly do not know that many interesting bands from India, with a couple of exceptions, such as Demonic Resurrection (their new album The Demon King will be written and updated in a couple of minutes (slightly optimistic); you can also read the review I did for the former album, The Return To Darkness, posted on October 27th 2010 – see Concreteweb’s Archive) or Kryptos (update October 31st 2012: album The Coils Of Apollyon).


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