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Dutch horde Sammath was formed about two decades ago by Jan Kruitwagen. After a couple of demonstrational cassettes, Sammath joined forces with Folter Records, which did release four full lengths. I do appreciate every single one of them for its primitivism and nihilism, the underground attitude and the anti-trendy approach.


Grot are an extreme act from the British Islands, consisting of Warpath / Cold War vocalist Eoin Broughal, guitarist / bassist John Roche (of Gamma Bomb-fame), and on drums the well-known Kevin Talley - think Hate Eternal, Six Feet Under, Decrepit Birth, Dying Fetus and Misery Index amongst others.


For more than two decades, Gravewürm must be one of the most active projects from the American Undergrounds. As from the very early nineties, Mister Funeral Grave did record tens of demos, tens of splits, a handful of EPs and eight full lengths. Infernal Minions is the ninth and those who are trusted with the abyssal and primitive Doom-Black will be pleased again. No, it does not differ that much from the latest efforts, and therefore this album might be ‘another Gravewürm-record’, one of the many.


Canada is one of those countries with more than one single official language, i.e. English and French. Since most bands from all over the world have their lyrics in English, I have a passion for those who dare to use their mother tongue. Especially in Germany and Poland that’s the case, but I guess all existing languages have been used in mean time.

Impious Baptism

After some independent vinyl-releases, Impious Baptism officially full-lengthily debut with Wrath of the Apex Predator. This project by nuclear exterminating boy J. (Nocturnal Graves, and also involved with Deströyer 666, Destruktor etc.) brings a no-nonsense collection of straight-forward tracks, the kind that balances in between Old School Purism and Early Style Purity (do you understand the balance?).


Do you remember Planisphærium, released ten years ago? If so, you might know what to expect with this new full length by one of Spain’s most technical Grind / Death bands ever. But even if you think you know what to expect, you might be surprised by the enormous evolution these guys made in mean time, especially when it comes to the technically perfected side of the game.

Euphoric Defilement

Since Unique Leader Records are known as one of the most important labels when it comes to ultra-brutal Death Metal releases, fans of this genre really need to check out the debut by Los Angeles-based act Euphoric Defilement!


Veneror are a project from Italy that debuts with Percussimus Foedus Cum Morte via Dutch label New Era Productions. The trio brings, with this studio release, a personal and timeless form of melodic Underground Black Metal with a grim, occult atmosphere and an eerie, freezing sound. An Italian band indeed… (I cannot, and will not, ignore my passion for the Italian scene). First the artwork: what a great cover design!

Rings Of Saturn

I’m not sure if I have to scream out loud: ‘help’, or is it ‘hurray’, but Dingir, the second Rings Of Saturn album, goes on in the very same vein of the debut Embryonic Anomaly.


Belgian auto-didactic musician / multi-instrumentalist / composer Mathieu Vandekerckhove is known from his activities in acts like AmenRa, Caan, Sembler Deah or Kingdom, but since ten years, he acts as a solo-artist under the moniker of Syndrome as well. In 2011, for example, he did release the surprising full length Floating Veins (on CD and LP, via ConSouling Sounds).


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