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The Dutch band Infinity was formed in 1995. Throughout the years, the band recorded a handful of great albums with a same-minded structure, yet with a slight difference in final execution. After lots of changes in line-up and label, Infinity signed to New Era Productions in early 2012, and a first result of this collaboration was the compilation Back To The Source…, an album with re-recordings and cover songs.


Originally released in 1998 through the very same label, Til Et Annet… was the second recording by Trelldom, a band with Kristian ‘Gaahl’ Espedal – think: Gorgoroth, Gaahlskagg, Sigfader, God Seed. Glad to hear it again, because it has been many years. Not because I dislike the stuff; on the contrary.

Evil Invaders

Evil Invader’s music is built upon the structures of 80s speed/thrash and fans of bands like Savage Grace, Agent Steel, Razor, Exciter and Jaguar will want to give this one a spin.. The disc spins off with “Victim of sacrifice” a pounding riff-monster played in 80's nwobhm/thrash tradition, rolling on gripping repetition leads and a double-bass drummed drive. If you like this track, you’ll surely also love the rest of the album.

Sardonis / Eternal Elysium

This split-album isn’t just some cheap re-release. It was originally released on 10” vinyl edition in 500 copies, and now it gets re-released with a bonus track done by each band involved with the split. Again in 500 copies only, by the way…

Actually, this material was (re-) released to celebrate SardoniS’ Japanese tour and so on, but who cares, besides a handful of Japanese Sludgers?...

Defeated Sanity

I was modestly little enthusiastic with Defeated Sanity’s 2011-album Chapters Of Repugnance (released through Hammerheart / Willowtip too). This experienced band brought, with that record, a nasty form of Old School Gore / Death Metal with, unfortunately, little inspirational and originality-lacking stuff, and only an average quality. Not bad stuff, but of lesser importance in an overcrowded scene.


Katalepsy hail from Russia, and in their home country, they seem to be one of the most active and one of the most appreciated Death acts nowadays. With their international debut full length Autopsychosis, these guys will try to convince the rest of the dead worlds as well. I wonder if they will succeed. For sure they deserve to succeed!


California-based band Vile was formed in 1996 and throughout the years, they offered us more than just a couple of decent recordings. Especially Listenable Records were so kind to please us with Vile’s sweet harmonies, and in 2011 Vile released the long-awaited comeback album Metamorphosis (via Willowtip), which was slightly different from the past.


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