Album Title: 
Non De Hac Terra
Release Date: 
Tuesday, January 1, 2013
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The Dutch band Infinity was formed in 1995. Throughout the years, the band recorded a handful of great albums with a same-minded structure, yet with a slight difference in final execution. After lots of changes in line-up and label, Infinity signed to New Era Productions in early 2012, and a first result of this collaboration was the compilation Back To The Source…, an album with re-recordings and cover songs.

Non De Hac Terra is the second album for New Era, consisting of eight fast, melodic and epic songs. The production was done by Funeral WindsH. Xul, and the result is a splendid sound. This means: rough and unpolished, yet not too hollow. That production fits really perfectly to the technical up-tempo hymns for not being too clean at the one hand, nor too dissonant at the other either. When it comes to the tracks, well, it is of course comparable to the (recent) past. The songs are energetic and hot-pepper-in-the-behind, with a mystic atmosphere and a timeless approach. The bio compares the stuff to the likes of Absu, Dissection and Immortal, and believe it or not: I do agree. Especially earlier Dissection comes to mind when listening to the compositions, while the vocals are somewhere in between Immortal’s and Absu’s.

Other bands that might come to mind: Sacramentum, Nox Invictus, Sanctimonious Order and (Spanish) Lucifugum.

So it’s very easy. If you can appreciate those bands / projects, then etc… FYI: the quality of song writing and performance is very comparable as well.