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A very active and productive musician from Hungarian soil, and this for quite some time, is Thomas Khrul. He’s active, both solo as in duo (mostly with same-minded vocalists) or in bands, in acts like Siculicidium, Gorthor, Shadowthrone, Funebre, the young Eonian Tenebris or mighty Nocrul, amongst several others. This guy also has a Dungeon Synth project, called Vallahir.


This release is the result of a (long-lasting) partnership in between two entities from Hungarian soil. At the one hand, you have the project Spellblood. It’s a solo-outfit by some Knot, who is behind the Black Metal project Kolp as well (and apparently Kolp did release a new album very recently, after a hiatus of many years; something to be aware of for sure). At the other hand, the label behind this specific release, Kajdum’s Tower, is a division of NGC Prod.

Aranea Telam

Kajdum’s Tower is a very young label, formed at the end of 2021, which focuses on Dungeon Synth styled Music. It was formed by Gábor Tóth, especially known from his activities within the harsher and more explorative Metal scene. He’s the guy behind outfits like Nagaarum, In Vacuo, GuilThee or Értéktelen (amongst others), as well as the owner of NGC Prod.


[review for ‘an older’ release, but once again: so what?! It is never too late to focus on intriguing Aural Art, even after a couple of years after an actual release date]


A very productive outfit from Hungary is Nagaarum, a solo-project by In Vacuo / GuilThee’s Gábor Tóth. In less than a decade, Nagaarum released fifteen full lengths and some splits (with the likes of Astru or Dreams After Death).

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