There are a couple of reasons why I do appreciate the project Rojinski. First of all, I do appreciate the human being behind this project. The both of us seem to share some common ideas about ‘the world’, the human kind, hypocrisy, social media, the future, misanthropy; enfin, we’re not the only ones caring about our world and criticizing civilization and the human nature to destroy everything around us, just to satisfy our narrow-minded, selfish needs.


This release is something I just needed to write down my thoughts about. It has two reasons: the concept and the aural result.


I do know that Salqiu did release a ‘new’ album in November 2022, but this review deals with the first part of the evil-twin sessions from hot, sunny, cheerful late Spring / early Summer 2022, Pariah. The second chapter of this diptych, if you want to, is called The Colossal Weight Of My Illusion…, and I might write a review on that one too, if I’m in a good mood. Who knows…


Quite recently I got in touch with a sympathetic human being from Argentinian soil, Leandro ‘ĂνδροςPendino. Apparently, this guy has some projects going on, although I do not know which ones. …with one exception: Kasriel. It was this specific project that drew my (worthy, of course; haha) attention. Kasriel is the moniker of a Dungeon Synth project that released a first recording at the very end of last year’s Autumn.

Sidney Watson

Being a reviewer can be very harsh and confusing sometimes. But one needs to be open-minded and objective, on top of the unavoidable subjectivity that influences your opinion and preferences too, evidently. No, I won’t start any philosophical discussion right here. It’s just, well, it isn’t always easy to find words, or to express thoughts, when you have to ‘out-of-the-box-thinking’.


[I promised a (female) friend of mine from Oceanic ‘soil’ to write down my thoughts on this release; due to circumstances I haven’t had the time / energy yet, but since I try to keep up my promises, at least to those people that deserve this… Better somewhat later than never…]

Idylls Of The Last King

I will keep it short this time, even though I am reviewing a truly magnificent act with the fabulous moniker Idylls Of The Last King. This review deals with a kind of compilation, which is dedicated – not just morally yet also financially – to the Republic Pilgrim charity organization, which tries to help youngsters from (Ukrainian) soil who are homeless, who are drug-addicted, or who have run away from their current life situation.


One of the most productive Dark Ambient artists lately must be Alexei Rojinski, the human being behind the Rojinski-outfit. Throughout a couple of years, (t)his project evolved from a rather Electro-based one into an Ambient-oriented act, balancing in between societal subjects at the one hand and obscure / spiritual / … ones at the other. …and everything in between. I mean, conceptually in the first place, of course.


I have to be honest. I did not know the band Sermon from the Izmir-region in Turkey, even though they were formed fifteen years ago. Yet then again, apparently they have not been that active / productive either, so these guys will forgive me my ignorance, I’m sure. They were active from 1997 to 2004, but didn’t release anything but a couple of demos. …and faded away into nothingness.


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