Some might recognize the name Ian ‘Mully’ Mullinger from his assistance with Vallenfyre (at that time, this band also included members from Brujeria, Paradise Lost and My Dying Bride). Others might know him from the EBM / Dark Techno / Synthwave project Electric Dragon.

Alphaxone / Rojinski

This is a nice surprise. Two very fine and kind human beings from our beautiful planet joined forces to create a sonic effort together. By coincidence, both of them are crafted musicians as well, so this must work out well…

Or: The Silent Watchtower is the result of a collaboration in between the solo-projects Alphaxone (Mehdi Saleh from Iran) and Rojinski (Alexei Rojinski from some place on Mater Terra, or elsewhere within our huge Universe).



Introduction: released almost one year ago, but Thrash-fanatics: be prepared for another combo from Belgian soil about to conquer the planet…


Location: Liège (Belgium)

Current line-up: Kévin Lambert (drums), Ludovic Hubert (vocals & guitars), Morgane Greeven (bass), Sébastien Grätz (guitars)

Recorded: at Le Garage Créative Music

Mix & mastering: Psycho

Artwork: I think from the band itself; simple and characteristic yet effective!

Signs Preyer

(review written by Erik - thank you!)

I have to admit I’ve never been an eager fan of Stoner rock, and this album isn’t going to convert me. Although it’s not 100 % stoner, as I also discern vague elements of other metal styles.

Not that it’s that bad an album, but it’s just not my cup of tea. There’s not enough melody in the music, and sometimes it’s a bit of a cacophony. And I like my vocals clean and sharp, which isn’t the case here.



Location: Kansas City, Missouri (U.S.A.)

Members: Allen Gingerich (strings [and drum-programming?]) & Skyler Nohrenberg (vocals & lyrics)

Mix & mastering: Allen Gingerich

Artwork: no idea who created it, yet the cover painting is just stunning!!!

Type: digipack-CD

Duration: 32:32

Genre: Brutal Technical Death Metal


The Black Monolith

Recently I had the honor to be part of a jury within a contest / award organized by Unexplained Sounds Group’s chief Raffaele Pezzella. The most interesting thing was, of course, the ‘Music’ involved. I was trusted with several acts that contributed (for some of them I did write reviews in the past), others I just knew by name, and there were some projects I did not know yet at all.


As (Black) Metal ‘fan’, one might recognize the name Admetos from the Greek projects Elegos (Epic Symphonic Black Metal; all instruments) or Faunus (solo; melancholic Doom-laden Atmospheric Black Metal). Admetos, however, also runs a non-Metal outfit, called Anglachel. It’s a productive project, inspired by Tolkien and this author’s immense imaginative worlds.


This review actually deals with a quadriptych (or tetraptych, if you want to), (recorded and) released over several individual moments in less than one month. Yet since all four chapters must be seen as one whole (dixit the author / composer), the four of them will be reviewed as being one total experience.


The King and the Emperor are back (and I admit that there is a third crusade in the meantime, and that this project is working on their fourth album too – but let’s now focus on their second one). Robert Koning (all instruments and clean vocals) and Yorick Keijzer (lead vocals) released the follow-up for their debut called I (or just Walg, if you want to), which is smartly called II (and indeed, the third part, released in early 2023, is titled III; ah, I adore certainty and perspicuity).


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