It is not strange that hadn’t heard of Ande before, because it seems to be a new project by Jimmy Christiaens, from the Dutch-speaking part of Belgium (Flanders, somewhere…). With Light (which actually lasts for twenty two minutes), Ande bring three Black Metal tracks, accompanied by four very short untitled instrumental pieces (though, not totally untitled, for they are called I, II, III and, indeed, IV).

The Shiva Hypothesis

Our Lowlands have always been quite underestimated within the Black Metal scene, and actually it isn’t that strange, seen the glorious quality of so many acts from all over the world. Once in a while, a band from Belgium or Holland sort of ‘breaks through’, reaching an audience outside our artificial borders. Unfortunately, so many bands from our countries remains too ‘low’. Will The Shiva Hypothesis prove the opposite?


Isenmor were formed in May 2014 in Baltimore by guitarist / vocalist Tim Regan and bassist / vocalist Mike Wilson, shortly after joined by drummer BG Drakeley, keyboardist / vocalist Jon Lyon, and violinists Nick Schneider (also vocals) and Miles Waldman.


Ungoliantha is an old (formed almost two decades ago) yet un-productive band around Lord Sinned (bass and vocals) from Ukraine, and with some colleagues )guitar player V. Karavaev, drummer Kim and synth wizard Igor Vershinin), he recorded this first album (which includes pretty old material) in between Autumn 2011 and Autumn 2012.

Horror Of Naatu

A quick one: Horror Of Naatu are a Polish project, consisting of vocalist / guitar player / bassist / lyricist and composer Hunger and drummer August, both active in Stillborn. With No Hope For No One they bring a handful of own songs and a Cannibal Corpse cover, which was recorded in early 2014 at the Roslyn Studio (I do remember this name from Hell United’s album Aura Damage).


Jacob Lizotte is a very young guy who recorded some Metalcore-alike material in early 2015. But he’s the guy behind the new project Feign too, and that has nothing to do at all with that infantile sonic sickness called ‘Metalcore’. Haha…


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