The V

Assisted by a score of big names in our music genre, like Michael Sweet (Stryper), Jeff Pilson (Dokken), Tony Martin (Black Sabbath) and a whole list of other artists, this is the first solo album by Veronica Freeman, frontwoman of heavy metalband Benedictum.


Jim Peterik,the driving force behind Survivor and The Ides Of March has in the past collaborated with a score of vocalist, who in the beginning were relatively unknown, but later became big stars.

To name but a few of them : Jimi Jamison, Toby Hitchcock  and Dave Bickler.

For this album he teamed up with Marc Scherer, who also lives in Chicago, and despite being a long time musician, was up to know unknown, his main occupation being a jeweler.

Cain’s Offering

When I played this album for the first time, similarities between this band’s music and Sonata Arctica where something I immediately remarked.  And this should not sound as a wonder, since the brain between this was none other than Jani Liimatainen, one of the founding members of Sonata Arctica.

Symphony X

Four years after the release of their previous album ‘Iconoclast’, the Americans are finally back with a new album, their ninth studio album so far, and what’s more, still in the same line-up they had 20 years ago. Indeed the drummer Jason Rullo is finally back, after suffering heart failure in 2013.

The album was recorded in ‘the Dungeon’, Micheal Romeo’s own studio, who’s also the chief writer and guitarist of the band.


It’s been a while since Whitesnake have released a new album, yet here it is, albeit not with brand new songs, but with songs from Deep Purple Mark 3 and 4.  It might have escaped you, but for a while David Coverdale has been part of that band, between August 1973 and March 1976.


Yet another live album released by Frontiers Records, and another live album for Asia, this time a recording made in November 7th at the Regency Ballroom in San Francisco.  The album is available as double CD, as a DVD and on blue ray.  At that time the band still had it’s original line-up including Steve Howe, who would leave the band a few months later to focus on other projects.

Cradle Of Filth

This band surely does not need any introduction anymore. It’s them who made the whole Black Metal scene more accessible to an ignorant audience, with both positive and negative aspects in consequence. My personal opinion – no, I won’t go deeper into this subject. Let’s say that, despite the catchiness and commercial aspects, this band created a handful of acceptable compositions in mean time, especially during the earlier years. Lots of pulp too, unfortunately, but – no, I promised myself to censure…

Beauvoir Free

Jean Beauvois is probably best known for his work with Crown Of Thorns, but he also played in Voodoo X and even in the Plasmatics, a punkband that was fronted by Wendy O. Williams.  Besides that he has also some solo work, as well as playing, producing and writing for and with countless other artists.


Line up :

Olof Wikstrand – Vocals / Guitars

Jonas Wikstrand - Drums

Joseph Tholl - Guitars

Tobias Lindkvist - Bass


Hailing from Arvika, Sweden, Enforcer play a brand of New Wave Of British Heavy Metal with an injection of punk. Founded in 2004, Enforcer describe themselves as being devotees of “real metal”. They've since gathered four albums under their belt, with their new album 'From Beyond' continuing down the path created by 2013's 'Death By Fire'.


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