Madball is a New-York hardcore band founded in the late 1980s as a side project of Agostic Front. After 8 different drum players 1 bassist en 2 guitar players are this the current members; Freddy Cricien – vocals (1988–2001, 2002–present) / Hoya Roc – bass (1993–2001, 2002–present) / Mitts – guitar (2002–present) / Mike Justian – drums (2011–present).

Amberian Dawn

I seem to have missed  the two albums that were released between ‘End Of Eden’ and this album, those albums being ‘Circus Black’, which apparently was a concept album, and ‘Re-Evolution’, an album featuring existing Amberian Dawn songs, but re-recorded with their new vocalist Päivi  “Capri” Virkkunen, who has replaced Heidi Parviainen.  Together with the old vocalist, the drummer Heikki Saari and guitarist Kasperi Heikkinen also left the band.  These were replaced by two ex-members of the band, Joon


Yes is another one of those rock dinosaurs, who seem to be able to continue forever. Formed in 1968, Chris Squire is the only one of the founding members that is still in the band,although both Alan White and Steve Howe also have a considerable mileage in this band.


For the younger amongst us.  Nazareth is a Scottish band that was formed in 1968 in Dumferline. Their best known song is the 1975 cover of a ballad ‘Love Hurts’.  Although the name of original membe Dan McCafferty is till mentioned on the booklet as being the lead vocalist of the band, he has been replaced by Linton Osborne, leaving only one original member in the band in the form of Pete Agnew. This new album is actually their 23rd studio album.


Line up:

Hell Hofer | Vocals

Hampus Klang | Lead guitar

Alexander Lyrbo  | Lead guitar

Adam Hector | Bass

Gustav Hjortsjö | Drums

Blues Pills

Blues Pills a Swedish bluesrockband from örebro founded in 2011. Present members are Elin Larsson | vocals - Dorian Sorriaux | guitars - Zack Anderson | bass - Cory Berry | drums. Playing some Cream, Led Zeppelin, Fleedwood Mac, … like music.


Belphegor is a black death metal band from Austria. Belphegor was originally named “Betrayer” in 1991 by vocalist and bassist Maxx, guitarists Helmuth and Sigurd, and drummer Chris. The band released their first demo Kruzifixion in April 1991, and Unborn Blood later on.


If you like gothic or symphonic metal, then ‘Sacrificium’, the sixth studio album from Xandria is a must have. Despite a change of vocalist, Manuela Kraller has been replaced by Dianne Van Giersbergen who also sings in Ex Libris, who’s Dutch, but no family of Anneke Van Giersbergen. It is clear that Dianne has been inspired by Tarja, and also that founder and composer Marco Heubaum has gotten some inspiration by listening to Nightwish.


To say this album contains some of the best Dio songs would be an understatement.  ‘Stand Up And Shout’, ‘Don’t Talk To Strangers’, ‘Holy Diver’ to name but a few of his own songs.  Besides those there are also Black Sabbath covers, like ‘The Mob Rules’, ‘Children Of The Sea’,  and finally also a Rainbow cover ‘Man On The Silver Mountain’. This is, of course, no more than logical, since Ronnie has been the frontman in all of those bands.


I plead guilty your honor…  I once bought a copy of Chicago’s ‘17’ album, an album that was released in 1984.  Once in a while when going on holidays with the car, I take this album with me, because it’s still some sort of rock album, and my wife likes it a lot.  But that album was and has for a long time been the only Chicago album I ever listened to.


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