Right form the opening track, this album hits you like a sledgehammer if you ask me.  Not only is it bristling with energy, but it’s also melodious, catchy, anthemic, bombastic, progressive…you name it, and it’s probably got it.

Uriah Heep

My guess is, lots of visitors of this website weren’t even born when this band started out. After all, Uriah Heep have been around for over 4 decades, and should be named as one of the founding fathers of our beloved music genre, together with Black Sabbath, Deep Purple and Led Zeppelin. And after all these years, the Heep still continue bringing out new albums, and relentlessly touring the earth.

Jorn Lande & Trond Holter

Jorn Lande, whom we probably all know, be it as vocalist in Masterplan, his solo work, his work in Avantasia and much much more, has joined efforts with Trond Holter guitarist in Wig Wam. Together they have created this new Rock Opera about Vlad the III, better known as Vlad the Impaler, or even better known as Dracula.


This is already the fourth album since the release of the debut album ‘Sign Of Angels’ in  2010 from Norwegian rock goddess Issa.  And under the adagio never change a winning team, Issa continues to bring us a mix of melodic rock, bordering on pop rock at times. 


Does the name Erik Martensson ring a bell ?  Besides performing in W.E.T. , writing and producing for other musicians like Toby Hitchcock and Adrenaline Rush he’s also the frontman in this Swedish band, alongside Magnus Henriksson.

Blind Guardian

Formed in the mid eighties in Krefeld, Germany, Blind Guardian continue releasing some very fine albums.  They started under another name however, calling themselves Lucifer’s Heritage at first, changing their name to Blind Guardian shortly after signing their first record deal with No Remorse Records.


Striker is not exactly a new name in the Metal scene, seeing as bands with that name go back to the early '80s in the US, first an early Power Metal act which only left us a 1982 single before splitting up, then a Heavy Metal band from Florida which gave us a single in 1985. In the late '80s a Heavy Metal act came from Amberg (Bavaria) in Germany (they had a first run from 1988 to 2005, and then regrouped in 2010). 2009 saw the formation of an Austrian Thrash Metal act, but their status is currently uncertain...and then there was also a Hard Rock act from Seattle!


Hailing from London, UK, Steak was founded in 2010 by a foursome of musicians who took musical influences from the greater bands in the Stoner Rock, Desert Rock, and Fuzz Rock genres.

The Midnight Ghost Train

 “Cold was the ground” – the third album by these Roadburn veterans” offers dark delta blues, Southern swagger and pure heaviness : this one’s got soul!! It’s mainly the rough vocals from founder Steve Moss that enriches the sound of the band. Moss’ way of singing is raw and sometimes close to growls while the guitar riffs are based on what bands like Kyuss started years ago. Newly signed to “Napalm Records”, “Cold was the ground” is a sound of a band energized, committed, driven, with a passion to rock.


Godsized from England is returning with their second record, "Heavy Lies The Crown". Famed for their energetic live performances, the band spent a year writing and recording the album together with Chris Coulter.

"Heavy Lies The Crown"  is a 11 tracks power pack inspired by a wide range of influences such as classic rock giants Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, ZZ Top, along with more contemporary acts such as Down, Alter Bridge and Cluth. The highlights are:


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