Italian trio Barbarian (bassist D.D. Prowler, guitar player / vocalist Borys Crossburn, and drummer Lore Steamroller) are a pretty young formation that started as some kind of Hellhammer / Celtic Frost worship-entity. They released an untitled demo-tape in 2010 (self-released), a self-titled mini in 2011 (as a matter of fact, this was the vinyl-edition of the demonstrational recording from 2010), and they contributed on a split with country fellowmen Bunker 66.


Does Rogga Johansson ever sleep? Or is he a five-piece entity? Five persons in one? For sure he must be one of the most active and creative musicians on Earth.

Victims Of Creation

The origins of Maltese act Victims Of Creation go back to the early nineties, but except for some local ‘popularity’, this band wasn’t of any importance. However, it was a pity because Victims Of Creation did have some potential. After a couple of years, the band was put to rest, but when the remaining original members Rex and Dino started jamming again with AJ Burn (who was, by the way, their colleague in another band, Lithomancy), the band was sort of reborn.


Although for a lot of us Broken may be the first time we hear of this Tampere, Finland based Modern Heavy Metal band, its foundation goes back to the Spring of 2002, when guitarist Niko Rauhala and drummer Janne Juutinen founded the band.

Fragments Of Unbecoming

German Modern Death / Thrash act Fragments Of Unbecoming was formed in 2000 by (former) members of e.g. Veneral Disease and Mortified. Throughout the past decade, the band release four chapters, which all were, without any exception, rather positively reviewed through the international press. And even I was not that cynically or incorrectly critical about 2009’s The Everhaunting Past, the band’s debut for top-label Cyclone Empire.


This year, Nominon will celebrate their twentieth anniversary, so all together: hurray (20x)!

No thanks, my bold friends…

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