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Female grunters aren’t that unusual anymore, but one of the most impressing and most beautiful ones (there are many, and since I do profoundly adore 1. beautiful woman and 2. beautiful Metal, I am but a lucky human entity) is Mona Beck. She first impressed me on Illnath’s former album, Third Act In The Theatre Of Madness, which gave me a double-bind felling.


It might be hard to accept, and one won’t believe it, but Ulcer aren’t a band from Sweden. In fact, they hail from Poland.

The band was formed in 2006 and there was a self-released debut full length in 2007, called Serpent Trinity. There was supposed to be a split-EP earlier this year with Graveyard, but I’m not sure this piece of vinyl had actually been released in mean time.


Carve: Stillborn Revelations And Revel In Human Filth is not a new Paganizer-album, as the smartest amongst us would have guessed, probably. In fact this is a re-release compilation, dealing with both albums recorded and released under the Carve-moniker.

Weapons To Hunt

Weapons To Hunt are the ‘sequel’ to Infinited Hate, featuring former and current Sinister and Supreme Pain members. This first album, by the way, comes with session bass parts performed by Erwin Harreman, member of, and please hold on, don’t be afraid: Sinister / Supreme Pain. …a somewhat incestuous collegiality.


Sweden’s Tiamat started during the second part of the eighties as a unique Death Metal formation (originally as Treblinka; despite the badly-chosen name, I did love this act a lot!), combining the typifying Swedish school (i.e. the Sunlight-sound!) with some own-faced elements. The experimentation became more and more important throughout the years, and as from Wildhoney (Century Media, 1994) they did indeed develop a sound that was both original and unusual.

Infernal Tenebra

New Formed Revelations is the third album by Croatian four-piece Infernal Tenebra. The band was able to have this material mixed and mastered by top-producer Jens Bogren at his Fascination Street Studio (think: Turisaz, Amon Amarth, Be’lakor, Borknagar, Paradise Lost, Gwyllion and many more), which attests the full, great sound.This album has nothing to do with Black Metal anymore.


Gylve ‘Fenriz’ Nagell and Ted ‘Nocturno Culto’ Skjellum return with album # 666, and what strikes me as from the very first moment: six songs only for a total duration of forty two minutes. Why not?...

The Underground Resistance was recorded in two years and is the most logical Darkthrone record seen their permanent progression. Everything is Old School, yet the variety is enormous. However, this band’s characterising trademarks are present in every single detail.

Defeated Sanity

I was modestly little enthusiastic with Defeated Sanity’s 2011-album Chapters Of Repugnance (released through Hammerheart / Willowtip too). This experienced band brought, with that record, a nasty form of Old School Gore / Death Metal with, unfortunately, little inspirational and originality-lacking stuff, and only an average quality. Not bad stuff, but of lesser importance in an overcrowded scene.


Pombagira, built around the couple Pete and Carolyn Hamilton-Giles, have never been an average act. Dwelling in between the scenes of Doom and Psych-Rock, they managed to get a solid fan-base of a rather specific, probable slightly intoxicated horde of spiritual-minded lovers of unconventional, mind-transcending Music.


Svart Records do surprise me time after time. This time it goes for Sammal’s self-called album, a nine-tracker with a sixties-attitude.


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