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Following taking home the title of “Best Rock Record” at the Indie Music Channel Awards two years in a row, as well as wins in the categories “Best Young Rock Artist”, “Best Rock Recording”, “Best Music Video” for her single “Impossible”, and the coveted title of “Teen Artist Of The Year”, 17-year female Rocker Diamante (who's just this year exploded onto the Rock scene in Hollywood), is NOT what this review is about!

Steve Foglia

This Steve Foglia’s second solo album, after the 2011 release ‘Revenge’  On his first album he had songs done with Adam Bomb and Mike Vescera, and for this album he has none other than Blaze Bailey doing one song.

The Black Rain

I would have never guessed this band came from Italy, until I started reading the available info about them, and noticed their names. Seems this band originally formed back in 2002, but only found this line up in 2010. Their debut album ‘Night Tales’ was released in 2012, so this is their second full album on the Atomic Stuff label.


Hey's a weirdo Italian band...not only bringing an eclectic-experimental type of Rock, but also doin' vocals in both English and...Spanish (remember, Italian band!)! But wait, I'm forging ahead of the usual way of let's turn back the clock somewhat...


"Rock star Sid Vicious is dead," are the words with which the BBC Radio's news anchor man started his late afternoon show, and the sample from that same broadcast also starts the actual opening track “Sid” on Seta's debut album Interferenze (which incidentally is also the title of the album opening instrumental intro, which consists of 42 minutes of synth sounds and a couple of very short samples from that same news broadcast – larger samples are then used during “Sid”).


Although this Florence based Italian quintet only now sees its debut album released officially (they actually already self-released it in June, two years ago), the band was formed back in 2005!

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