Bizarre Leprous Productions

Flesh Disgorged

Everyone knows that Czech Republic-based Bizarre Leprous Productions are (one of the) most prominent labels when it comes to Grindcore. I think it is somewhat doubtful. At the one hand they house several splendid acts, with sublime release that caress every Grind-freak’s ear drum with rusty razor blades and electrified barb wire. At the other hand, unfortunately, there’s quite some ‘pulp’ around to within this scene, and I think Bizarre Leprous Productions sometimes took a wrong choice by signing band X or Y.


The Czech Republic for sure is one of the most notorious countries when it comes to Grindcore Music and relatives, but it also houses one of the most important labels -and then I am honestly referring to the worldwide scene- within the Brutal Death / Grind / Goregrind scene: Bizarre Leprous Productions, home to bands like Pigsty, Ingrowing, Tu Carne, Destructive Explosion Of Anal Garland (I will review their newest collection of elegies in a very near future too), Bowelfuck

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