Blacksmith Records


Miseo are a very young German band that released a first EP, called The Dead Will Predominate, in 2013. Earlier this year, the members entered the Marburg Records Studio and the Cubeaudio Studio to record their first full length. Blacksmith RecordsTimo Rotten took care of the mix, and the mastering was done at the Desert Inn Studio with Thilo Krieger.

Brewed & Canned

Austria’s Brewed & Canned were formed at the end of last century by two young (at least back then) brothers, Michael (g) and Max (d) Fingernagel. However, they didn’t release anything but some demonstrational stuff; three to be exactly, if I am not mistaken. Very recently, however, and finally, they were able to sign to a professional label, i.e. Germany’s young and small but impressive Death / Black label Blacksmith Records.


Arroganz are a pretty young German band (trio) with two highly respected releases before (Burning Souls, EP 2010, and Dark And Deathless, 2011). Besides, the band performed on different festivals with bands like Demonical and Dark Funeral, and especially in their (chauvinistic) home country, they reached a status of high-acceptance.

Ritual Killing

Ritual Killing are a German Thrash-combo, formed in 2008 in Cobourg and rather inspired by the American scene than the European in general, or the German one more specifically. And with ‘American’ I’m referring to both the North and South American scene.

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