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I think most people do recognize the name of David Cronenberg for his (horror) movie The Fly, or films like A History Of Violence, eXistenZ, Naked Lunch or Eastern Promises. And I know that this site deals with reviews about Aural Art and not motion pictures or any other form of (visual) artistics, but I have to admit that this Canadian film director and screenwriter is one of my personal favourites.

The Great Old Ones (it)

The new project The Great Old Ones was recently formed by Raffaele ‘Sonologyst’ Pezzella. Via his own label Eighth Tower Records, Raffaele releases a series which is dedicated to the mighty fantasy-world of H.P. Lovecraft. I (recently) wrote and published a review for the second one in that series, Mythos Of Cthulhu, but I promised to write down my thoughts on the first recording too. So, here I am, even-though I’ll keep in short and concise this time.

The Great Old Ones (it)

I was really pleased when Raffaele Pezzella let me know that he started a new outfit recently. This one would be called The Great Old Ones, which refers to Lovecraft’s surreal universum, as you surely know. And it’s not just the name of this project that bears that Lovecraftian influence; the themes on the recordings will focus on the novels of this great writer as well. This one, Mythos Of Cthulhu, is the second release in a series that is inspired by these deities’ pantheon created by Mister Lovecraft.

Moloch Conspiracy

(same message as yesterday, for my Bonaventure-review) [due to health issues in my family, quite some reviews have been delayed; this one too is about an album for which the review had been prepared a while ago, yet it never got finished; now it will…]

Mortar Devotions

Nona Et Decima, also known as IX&X, are a duo from Italy, consisting of Manuele Frau and Nicholas Pucciarelli. Under that name, they create an eccentric mixture of Electro, Noise and Cold Wave. Recently, they joined forces with some Огни, the alter ego of musician, DJ and producer Aleksey Tsernjavski aka Apache Lifeforms (also known from To Feed A Neon Forest or Top Jugend 90, if I am not mistaken).


The main sonic outfit of Raffaele Pezzella, Sonologyst, returns with Dust Of Human Race, released via one of this guy’s labels, Eighth Tower Records (part of the Unexplained Sounds Group family). I won’t go too deep into biographical or discographical issues this time; just keep in mind that this devoted artist from Italy permanently impresses with his releases.

Nihil Impvlse

Quite recently I got in touch with an Italian human being, named Francesco Di Stasio. I knew his name for being the artworker for releases by e.g. Sonologyst, but I did not know that he was the very same guy behind Nihil Impvlse. And it is this project that I will now focus on, passionately and convinced.

Reza Solatipour

I know, this one has been sold out in the meantime – at least when talking about the physical copies (compact disc and cassette), yet still it is important to focus on this release somehow. I will keep it short and to-the-point, but it is sort of my duty to give some promotion to this artist and the great label involved.


After two albums that were released via Cephalopagus Records, Portuguese one-man army Sílení signed to Eighth Tower Records (creating superspectrum sounds from ultraterrestrial dimensions), run by Sonologyst’s Raffaele Pezzella, to have this next album released.


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