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Outside Italy, Epitaph, originating from the beautiful city of Verona, aren’t that known at all. They were actually formed in the Eighties, and did release three demos, but that’s about it. And now, finally, almost three decades after their birth, Epitaph come up with their debut studio full length album, called Crawling Out Of The Crypt. It seems to be a mostly fitting title, isn’t it…

Bunker 66

Bunker 66 hail from Messina, an historical city on the Italian island Sicily. In 2009 they came with a very fine EP, Out Of The Bunker, and at the very end of 2012 the released their first full length via the label they are currently on, Infernö Interceptörs (the album) and High Roller Records (the label). Without any doubt that record was one of my favourite albums that very same year (for the review, see the update on February 16th 2013).

High Spirits

To be honest I thought this was yet another rerelease of an obscure NWOBHM band, something HRR has somewhat built up a reputation with…. But no as it turns out High Spirits is the project of a certain Chris Black… it seems Mr.Black  must have a deep love for the early 80’s hardrock and metal scene as “You are here”, is 9 tracks of pure  nostalgia, at least if lIke me you’re well over forty, closer to 50…..

Capilla Ardiente

 It‘s become a rare feature that an album grabs my attention s from the first moment, Capilla Ardiente managed to do just that. This band from Chile manages to release with “Bravery truth and the endless darkness” a doom metal album which put me in the same state of mind, as when I first discovered bands like Candlemass and Solitude Aeturnus… and more recent Below.      Capilla ARDIENTE delivers the goods, 6 tracks  approx. 45 minutes of epic doom..


As from the very beginning I am truly in love (oink?) with Germany’s Desaster. They debuted in 1996 with A Touch Of Medieval Darkness.

Cloven Hoof

Line up :

Joe Whelan - Lead vocals / lead guitar / rhythm guitar
Chris Coss - Rhythm guitar
Lee Payne - Bass guitar / backing vocals
Jake Oseland - Drums & Percussion


Blaze, not be confused with  the once  Wolfsbane, Iron Maiden,  and  Blaze  main man Blaze Bayley, no sir  no,  these 4 youngsters hail from Japan, and  with the EP  the rock dinosaur  they provide us a really good slab of very old school hard rock/ Metal,  in  this case not so much  influenced by  the known  NWOBHM stars of the early 80 ear like  Maiden,  Saxon or Priest,  but rather   influenced by UFO, old scorpions and MSG.


According  to the Bio  “Serpent”  is a  German band  built around  two individuals  also known as Vent & Tongue. Apparently it’s ther aim to rejoy the world with NWOBHM styled metal in the tradition of “Satan” and “ Blitzkrieg” and is “Possessed by night” an enhanced re-release of their demo. Well actually it reads better then it sounds…….


Salem .. one of those names that might sound familiar with those metal heads who have a more than average interest in NWOBHM.


Sparta  a  NWOBHM band who’s history goes back to  1979! decided to record a new album  after  a successful re-release of their old  ( obscure) stuff via the HIGHROLLER RECORDS LABEL.  Begs the question if this was a good idea….. I would say yes and no…..


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