Bunker 66

Album Title: 
Screaming Rock Believers
Release Date: 
Friday, September 12, 2014
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Bunker 66 hail from Messina, an historical city on the Italian island Sicily. In 2009 they came with a very fine EP, Out Of The Bunker, and at the very end of 2012 the released their first full length via the label they are currently on, Infernö Interceptörs (the album) and High Roller Records (the label). Without any doubt that record was one of my favourite albums that very same year (for the review, see the update on February 16th 2013). It did breathe the purest essence of the most sleazy Old School, the superiority of the Eighties dressed in bullet belts, spikes and leather (and don’t forget the babes’n’booze…).

Finally, almost exactly two years after their debut, Bunker 66 return with the sophomore full length, Screaming Rock Believers. It’s way too short (half an hour, what a pity!), but qualitatively it continues the very same path. The album opens with Seduce Me Tonight, which brings a mixture of Black, Thrash and Speed Metal, the Rock’n’Roll way, including a Punk-attitude. Still it is a tributing mixture of Hellhammer / Celtic Frost, Destruction, Discharge, Motörhead, Venom, Carnivore, Bulldozer, Tank and the likes, but this time, and that’s new, Bunker 66 sound more like a self-identified combo. Without forgetting their roots, and the original scene, these Sicilians succeed to pour their own identity into a mostly un-original scene-revival (and with about ten other comparable bands for which I recently did a review, or will do one in a very near future, you can’t ignore that ‘revival’-fact). No, they do not re-invent anything, nor have they become original or renewing, but the increased cohesion and identifying performance cannot be denied.

Anyway, this stuff rocks and rolls, with drawing all aspects out of the glorious eighties-scene. Whether it be a d-beat Speed / Thrash piece, a primal Black-oriented one, or a Punk-laden Heavy Metal outburst, in any case the result is a pleasure to listen at. And imagine, there are even hints of NWOBHM (Saxon, Judas Priest or Iron Maiden) at the one hand, or W.A.S.P., Mötley Crüe and Guns ‘n’ Roses (Appetite-era, evidently) at the other. And yes, the importance of Accept, Warlock (Burning The Witches especially) and the likes on the scene has not been forgotten either.

But I will be honest once again (but keep in mind that what follows isn’t but own opinion): in comparison to the fabulous Infernö Interceptörs-record, this one is a huge step back. I miss the waw-effect I had with that former release, I miss some persuasion behind the concept, and I miss the majesty of the tracks from the predecessor. Okay, as mentioned before, I was possessed by Infernö Interceptörs, and to equal such a grandiose collection of songs is quite a challenge. Unfortunately, but logically, Bunker 66 did not succeed to come near that level this time.