Nashville Pussy

Nashville Pussy were formed in 1998 in Atlanta, out of the ruins of Blaine Cartwrights former band Nine Pound Hammer, and his wife Ruyter Suys, a lady he met at a Nine Pound Gig.  The 16 studio tracks on disc 1 are taken from their 3 SPV releases. The other disc is a bonus disc, containing songs form a gig they played in Nottingham.


Despite almost two decades of existence, Expenzer finally release their debut full length via Czar Of Bullets. This Swiss quintet had the material recorded, mixed and mastered at the Little Creek Studio by Gurd’s V.O. Pulver, who did some studio stuff for bands like Darkmoon, Zatokrev, Megora, Excruciation, Destruction a.o. before.


Spitfire are a German band, and this is their second album.  The theme of this album is Bone City, a city full of chaos, violence, lawlessness, in short a city where Judge Dredd would have a lot to do.


I had never heard of this guy before, and was in for the worst when I put on this album, which is his third so far, but boy was I in for a surprise.  First of all the songs themselves.  They are a very heterogeneous mix of covers from a whole score of artists, ranging from Leonard Cohen over Garth Brooks, Iron Maiden, and many others.


This album must have been gathering dust at the back of a drawer I guess, since I only received it some two weeks ago to write a review.   When I looked at the bands name, and the graphics it was written in, together with the picture on the album’s sleeve, I got visions of eighthies German trash metal band, but I couldn’t have been farther from the truth.  These guys come from the US, and play melodic metal.


Raven were something of a cult band back in the eighties, and had some good songs, and although the manager of Megaforce Records Jon Zazula believed they had it in them to become a major label material (they signed their first record deal with Neat Records, the legendary low-budget metal label) and they eventually had a deal with Atlantic Records, the promises could never be fulfilled.


Magnum is one of those dinosaurs, a band that seems to have existed forever and ever, and keeps on releasing new albums, although some of the members are close to the normal retiring age, and some, like vocalist Bob Catley have already passed the normal retiring age.


There aren’t that many bands around that can say that they exist since over 40 years, and still contain some of the original band members.  UFO  though is one of these bands, where original vocalist Phil Mogg and drummer Andy Parker are still present in their line-up. 

Eden’s Curse

After nine years existence, Eden’s Curse now releases their very first live album, recorded in Glasgow’s  Classic Grand on November 28th 2014.  Before, they released 4 studio albums that received good reviews.  Mixing and mastering of these recordings was handled by none other than Dennis Ward, their longtime engineer.


Wolfpakk's 'Rise Of The Animal'  enjoyable slice of classic Metal. Michael Voss and Mark Sweeney have again partnered up to bring more Metal mayhem to the masses via their third chapter of their allstar project.

Where else can you find Don Dokken, Michael Kiske, David Reese, Joe Lynn Turner and Marc Storace all singing on the same album? Where else can one hope to find Jeff Watson, Bernie Tormé, John Norum, Doug Aldrich and Axel Rudi Pell throwing down guitar tracks on the same disc?


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