Album Title: 
Sketchbook III
Release Date: 
Thursday, June 25, 2015
Review Type: 

I had never heard of this guy before, and was in for the worst when I put on this album, which is his third so far, but boy was I in for a surprise.  First of all the songs themselves.  They are a very heterogeneous mix of covers from a whole score of artists, ranging from Leonard Cohen over Garth Brooks, Iron Maiden, and many others.

Then there’s the voice this man has. His voice and accent remind me a lot of Geoff Bridges way of speaking in one of his latest movies ‘Seventh Son’.  Musically you could call it a marriage between the original version of the song and a good dose of country, topped of with a bit of rock elements. Although I think this style of music may be a bridge too far for real metalheads, I found it quite an amusing album, hearing songs you’ve heard countless times in their original version, but now given a total new, refreshing sound. The album is available as a normal CD, but there is also a limited 3 C version available, containing the two other Ski-King albums Sketchbook I and Sketchbook II.