Hour Of Penance

Rome-based act Hour Of Penance was formed more than fifteen years ago in the capital of Italy, Rome, and they recorded a first demo in 2000, which drew attention of Xtreem Music. On this label they released two full lengths, Disturbance (2003) and Pageantry For Martyrs (2005), followed by 2008’s The Vile Conception and 20101’s Paradigma, both via Unique Leader Records.


As from the very beginning I am truly in love (oink?) with Germany’s Desaster. They debuted in 1996 with A Touch Of Medieval Darkness.

Burden Of Grief

Despite their well-appreciated live reputation and a huge selling number, I for myself have never been such a big ‘fan’ of Germany’s Burden Of Grief. Don’t get me wrong, for I do not dislike any of the former releases they did (at least the ones I do know). But even the productional duties provided by top-meisters like Dan Swanö couldn’t guarantee fulfilment or satisfaction.

Crystal Eyes

Crystal Eyes was formed in 1992 In Sweden by Mikael Dahl and Niclas Karlsson to keep the legacy of heavy metal set in the 80's by Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, Accept etc. Current members are: Mikael Dahl - Vocals, Guitar / Niclas Karlsson – Guitar / Claes Wikander – Bass / Martin Tilander – Drums.


I was quite surprised when I received this album, because Debemur Morti Productions are a label I do refer to Black Metal in general, and Tamerlan are an acoustic Neo-Folk project. Yet at the other hand, the border in between (Black) Metal and Neo-Folk isn’t but an imaginary and subjective element. Okay, the Music itself does differ, but there are lots of connections in between both genres: shared artists / musicians, comparable lyrical concepts and, of course, many other labels that do house bands and projects from both these aural styles.


As far as I can gather, This Haarlem based Dutch Melodic Hardcore Punk band was founded in July of 2010, and following several increasingly popular shows released their debut single Gunshow some year and a half ago.

Cloven Hoof

Line up :

Joe Whelan - Lead vocals / lead guitar / rhythm guitar
Chris Coss - Rhythm guitar
Lee Payne - Bass guitar / backing vocals
Jake Oseland - Drums & Percussion

Avery Sunshine

Sometimes I dó wonder why our editor-in-chief downloads certain things for review! Sure, he's a much-occupied man, and downloading is a chore which comes atop of his daytime job and the other duties entailed with part-time band managing. But occasionally he shoùld check the enclosed info sheet which comes with the downloads! So, what he would've learned right-off, is that singer-songwriter/ pianist Avery Sunshine makes feel-good music with a Gospel-fed, thunderous voice!

Veni Domine

Although this band has been around for some 25 years, and having so far released six studio albums, I’d never heard of them.  And after listening to this new album, my opinion is still unclear.  Have I missed something by not having heard of them before or not.

God’s Army

When I started listening to this CD, I felt as if some black hole had sucked me in, and I was taken back in time to the eighties, at the time when NWOBHM was rearing its head and becoming popular. At times you even think you’re listening to a copy of Iron Maiden.


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