Metal Age Productions

Birth A.D.

This Austin, Texas based band was started as an “unrelated” side-project by Averse Sefira members Jeff Tandy (bass & lead vocals from its formation until its demise) and Mark Perry (drums in that band since 2001) in 2008 in an effort to revive the Crossover Thrash Metal genre in a legitimate fashion, although Tandy at the same time also stated that Birth A.D. was never meant as a full-time act.

Attack Of Rage / Contrastic

Attack Of Rage hail from Slovakia and were formed in 2001 as a quartet under the name of The Chliew. In 2005 and 2006, already as Attack Of Rage, they send out two promotional recordings, which eventually resulted in a contract with Czech Grind / Death label Grodhaisn, which released the band’s debut, the mini-album Grindpeace, in 2007.


Unearthly are a Rio de Janeiro-based band, formed at the end of last century. They are extremely popular in South America, having toured with internationally high-acclaimed bands like Obituary, Behemoth, Suffocation, Marduk, Hate Eternal and probably the most popular band from Brazil, Sepultura. The band visited Europe too, and especially in the eastern countries they became a welcome live-act.

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