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Four Year Strong

Ahum...it would appear that it's but a good thing, that I always check into a band's past when first coming across it. You see, goin' on just this latest release, I would've categorized Four Year Strong (abbreviated to FYS from now on) as being an up-tempo “Easycore” act, and looked for its previous material accordingly. But it so happens, that musically speaking, FYS has been somewhat fickle in the past, say even somewhat unreliable to a certain degree.

The Story So Far

Hailing from Walnut Creek (located some 26km East of the city of Oakland in the East Bay region of the San Francisco Bay Area), this Pop Punk band was founded in 2007 with singer Parker Cannon, guitarists Kevin Ambrose and Kevin Geyer (the latter also taking care of backing vocals), bassist Kelen Capener and drummer Ryan Torf recording & self-releasing their debut EP 5 Songs that same year. The following year the band came up with the simply-titled 2008 EP.

Sights & Sounds

This band came together by chance. At a moment when their respective bands (Comeback Kid, Sick City, and The Getaway) were having a time off from touring/ recordings, the brothers Andrew and Joel Neufels (respectively singer/ guitarist and drummer) came together with their friends Adrian Mottram (guitar/ keyboards) and Matt Howes (bass/ backing vocals) at the weekend of New Year 2006, simply to record a song that had been written.

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