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German power metal… even after 35 year or so it stays a story of some hits but mainly loads of misses.  So is FORENSICK a hit or a miss…?  Well let’s call it a bit of both..   On a positive note the band is not overdoing it with choirs, happy singalong choruses and pompous sounding  keyboards..


Long gone are  the days that  an Italian Metal album was a rarity,  these days not a week seems to go by without yet another Italian release. This time it’s Pleonaxia, if I look at the meaning of the word Pleonexia,  I am told it’s “the insatiable desire to have what rightfully belongs to others“…..

Sacred Heart

From Sacred Heart there was only one three-track-tap called “the Vision” back in 1989. This demo will finally be released on CD by Pure Underground Records. Two more extra tracks will be included on this one. “Time After Time” and “Take Hold”. As well as a previously unreleased EP from 2010 recorded by guitarist Byron Nemeth (who entered Amon-Ra after the split of Sacred Heart in 1991).

Sleepy Hollow

It all began in 1989 for Sleepy Hollow. The band was formed in New Jersey by Dan Castiel and Joe Dell. After a short jam they decided they should put a band together and release their musical potential out to the air. Frank Melick came to the band and after a short audition he got the drummer role. Matt Schwartz entered the band and amazed them by his guitar playing. The band started to perform and soon they were asked to take a part in several Metal concerts.


Heavenward was founded in 1986. The original line up consisted of Oliver Müller (Bass), Achim Schneider (Guitar), Wolfgang Jansen (Vocals) and Thomas Stauch (Drums), who played after his departure over 20 years with Blind Guardian.

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