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My first introduction to Brazilian thrashers Korzus  was their 1986 album “ao vivo”,  this was the result of extensive tape & vinyl trading. Back then Korzus where next to SEPULTURA the only Brazilian band I was really aware off. Now 2014, and !9!


Evergrey is a band I first got acquainted with when I bought their ‘In Search Of Truth’ album, which was the bands third release, and I now realize that since buying that album, I’ve more or less unconsciously bought every album they’ve released since.


René Thomsen is not only the leader of this band, but also the guitarist and composer.  This CD ‘Unbroken’ marks his second release, after their 2009 debut album ‘Let’s Get Ruthless’.  Most of the twelve songs on this album were composed together with Fair Warning producer and guitarist Helge Engelke.


Line up :

Jo Amore (Lead Vocals)

Franck Milleliri (Guitars)

Matt Asselberghs (Guitars)

Yves Campion (Bass & vocals)

David Amore (Drums)



Line up:

Jan Anders “Longbeard” Boen – Lead Vocals, Lars Stian “Too Late” Havraas – Bass, John Petter “No Thanks” Pershaug – Guitars, Geir Arne “The Cannon” Dale – Drums, Vidar “Maniac” Svanheld – Guitars

21 Octayne

Line up:

- Hagen Grohe (vocals)

- Marco Wriedt (guitars)

- Andrew “Bullet” Lauer (bass)

- Alex Landenburg (drums)

21 Octayne’ is a new rock band from the South of Germany created by ‘Marco Wreidt (Axxis) and ‘Alex Landenburg’, then ‘Alex Landenburg’ and ‘Hagen Grohe’ (The Joe Perry Project) joined the band. Every member of the band had their own input on the album and the result is very good!

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