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Friday, October 24, 2014
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My first introduction to Brazilian thrashers Korzus  was their 1986 album “ao vivo”,  this was the result of extensive tape & vinyl trading. Back then Korzus where next to SEPULTURA the only Brazilian band I was really aware off. Now 2014, and !9! albums later KORZUS  are probably still not a more known name than 28 years ago?  Why is that one wonders…  I guess it’ all to do with how the music industry worked and choices the band made along the way… but honest, also the lack of a own identity must have  played a role. Reason for saying this is that even after so many albums it seems Korzus are still focusing on being the best SLAYER next to SLAYER albeit with the sound here and there spiced with  whatever ‘s the current thing to do in thrash or as you will extreme metal.  Don’t get me wrong  KORZUS is a well-oiled lean mean thrashing machine but the machine just doesn’t catch the listener‘s  attention for longer than one track.