Album Title: 
Hymns For The Broken
Release Date: 
Friday, September 26, 2014
Review Type: 

Evergrey is a band I first got acquainted with when I bought their ‘In Search Of Truth’ album, which was the bands third release, and I now realize that since buying that album, I’ve more or less unconsciously bought every album they’ve released since.

And to say that the band almost quitted.  Indeed Tom S. Englund had lost the sacred flame a bit.  Was this due to the band members leaving one after the other, or was he just having enough from the music scene, who knows ?  But since the band still had a few shows to play, Tom desperately needed some musicians.  He asked former drummer Jonas Ekdahl, as well as former guitarist Hendrik Danhage, and they were both available.

Was it those gigs that re-united the spark, but luckily for us, this re-uniting of former band members, was responsible for the band not quitting, and even releasing this new album, which sounds just as strong, if not stronger then what Evergrey have released in the past.

Never change a winning team is a proverb that is frequently used, and in this case it’s bull’s eye.  Evergrey have, with this album, released yet another pearl.  They’ve not re-invented themselves, but bring us a very energetic album, with the trademark vocals of Tom S. Englund, and tha I’d call bombastic wall of sound, consisting of guitars, drums, bass guitar, and the unmistakable, ever present, but never over dominant keyboards.

To sum it up: a fantastic album.