Transcending Obscurity


Redemption is the latest album by Polish horde Preludium. It was released at the very beginning of 2014 (indeed, almost a year and a half ago) but there’s a reason why I still want to write a review about it, besides my unconditionally urge to promote both band and label. When talking about the latter, well, Transcending Obscurity gets run by Kunal Choksi, one of the most sympathetic and devoted persons I met lately.


Norse, hailing from New South Wales (Australia), will celebrate their tenth anniversary this year, but before this party, there’s another reason to celebrate: their newest epos, called Pest, and released this time via India-based Transcending Obscurity, one of the most professional and devoted labels I came in touch with lately.


We do know Transcending Obscurity especially for their superb support to the (underground) scene. Kunal Choksi and his crew try to promote the scene as much as possible, just like we at Concreteweb try to do as much as possible. And since his promotional activities focus especially on the Death / Black / Grind-trends, I do respect this Indian guy a lot!

The Dead

I thought The Dead were dead. We haven’t experienced anything anymore since 2009, but this Australian trio finally return with their third full length (after 2007’s self-titled debut, and the 2009-album Ritual Executions).

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