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Pręgierz are a very young duo from Poland that wrote, recorded and released a first demo, called Blood Sanctions, in Summer 2014, though this one being independently released on tape. About eight months later, Sweden’s finest Blood Harvest re-release that material, though this time on vinyl. The result is a double 7”EP, with 100 copies on white-red vinyl, and 200 on regular black vinyl.


Infra are a project from Portugal consisting of members involved with e.g. Corpus Christii, Alchemist or Göatfukk, and the trio released two pieces via mighty Californian label Nuclear War Now! Productions gathered as Initiations On The Ordeals Of Lower Vibrations.


Lago are a band from Phoenix, Arizona, formed in 2010 and, in their milieu, known for the rather ‘popular’ EP Marianas (released at the very end of 2010). After some line-up changes, the band started writing on new material, and step by step new stuff got into form. Eventually, the band released their first album, called Tyranny, yet in a limited and underestimated promotional edition (CD-format), and that’s when and where Blood Harvest shows up, giving this strong material a new chance, though this time being on vinyl.

The Haunting Presence

The Haunting Presence are a new outfit by Ghastly Apparition, the guy behind the mighty project Nocturnal Blood (FYI: you can find a review undersigned wrote on Devastated Graves – The Morbid Celebration, released as well via Hells Headbangers, which was posted on November 26th 2010; check the Archive-section).


This band from the South-West of the U.S. certainly does not need any introduction anymore, I guess. Let’s keep it with: more than two decades of activities, countless releases (amongst which several ‘cult’ recordings), numerous line-up changes (only founding member and vocalist Tomas Stench remains), and now we’ll welcome Tortura, the band’s latest effort, done on vinyl via Nuclear War Now! Productions (a cassette edition did see the unlight too in mean time).


I hadn’t heard of the band Gloson before, but that’s all right, because it seems to be a pretty young act from Sweden, consisting of Mikael (g), Christian (g, v, d), Kristoffer (b, bv) and Anders (g, v). They are now debuting with Yearwalker, which they initially did release independently and digitally in 2014.


Chilean power-combo Atomicide return with their second full length, a year and a half after the former one, Spreading The Cult Of Death. In more than a decade of existence, they gained quite some ‘popularity’ in their home country, and the intervention of Iron Bonehead Productions will promote this band’s name on an international scale for sure.


Mainly based in Poland, Doombringer are, for a change, not another high-tech Modern Death / Blast Metal act à la Vader, Hate or Behemoth. No, this is one of these bands that go far away from the mainstream, delving deeper into spheres of morbidity, grimness and bleakness.

Esoteric (2)

Since I think that Esoteric are one of the most unique Doom bands on Mater Terra, I was enormously pleased to notice that some of their older releases have been put on vinyl, though being in limited editions only. This goes, for example, for Subconscious Dissolution Into The Continuum (those titles… J - oops, did I put a smiley right here???).


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