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It all started at the end of the Eighties. Henrik Björkk aka Kremator aka Nordvargr decided to start a band that would be an outlet for blasphemous prophecies, yet from a unique sonic spectrum. Maschinenzimmer 412 were born. Under this name, there were two recordings, Macht Durch Stimme and Malfeitor (the latter was released via the (sadly defunct) cult label Cold Meat Industry).


This is my first acquaintance with Disembowel, but that’s not that crazy for this band will come up with their first full length right now. The trio started terrorizing the world of Sonic Sadism in 2012, and in Summer 2014 they did release a first EP independently. That EP, called Act Of Invocation, was re-released in 2017 by Iron Bonehead Productions, apparently, but I’ve seemed to miss it somehow.

Bass Communion

Porcupine Tree frontman Steven Wilson acts under some other synonyms too. One of them is Bass Communion, which is a totally different outlet compared to his Rock-oriented bands or projects like, for example, higher mentioned Porcupine Tree, Storm Corrosion, Blackfield or Incredible Expanding Mindfuck.


Bait are a German combo that did surprise me quite intensively in early 2014 with their Cursed Among Saints EP. The most revealing element was the ease of combining things: modernism with old school, rhythm with melody, speed with slowness, all kinds of emotions, and the contrastic yet, in this case, quite symbiotic styles: Hardcore and Post-Hardcore, Sludgy Doom and Black Metal. Their success exponentially grew, quite fast, and the band was able to play live all over European soil.


Once in a while I want to keep it simple, short, to-the-point. Right now too I am not going to deep within bio, history, background, whatsoever. Please welcome Germany’s Sømerset, a four-piece consisting of Nadine (vocals – not really of the operatic kind), Daniel (drums), Marvin (guitars and vocals) and Michael (bass). Welcome and goodbye, for apparently this releases seems to be the last effort by the band (???)…

Released on vinyl in an edition of 666 copies, crystal clear, by the way…

Moloch (Horizont)

No introduction needed – check out on of the (many) reviews I did in the (recent) past for this outfit from Ukraine. Just enter the project’s name in the ‘search’-tab above, and you’ll be able to find more than a hand full of other reviews that have recently been written and published for this solo-outfit of Mr. Sergiy Fjordsson.

Master Of Cruelty / Fetid Zombie / Nocturnized / Vomit Church

Locust Amber Records focus on tape releases especially, but there are some vinyl releases too that the audience gets offered by this label. All together: thank you! Also parent label Legs Akimbo and sister-label Skullhouse release quite some stuff on vinyl. Some have been reviewed recently, some others are to follow in a very near future. Just enter the label’s name(s) in the ‘search’-tab and you’ll find out…

Burning Cyborg

The (young) duo Burning Cyborg (Nikolay Sergeev and Airborne Drumz) joined forces with Vleesklak Records and Legs Akimbo for the release of their 45 RPM 7”EP Entering Digital Infinity. It’s a very short six-tracker, with three elegies on each side (average duration: one whole minute!), and coming with highly attractive artwork… No further comment…


Italian Grind-combo SBS aka SpermBloodShit did satisfy our perverted ear drums more than once in the past, and all sick-minded amongst us will be pleased to welcome this newest vinyl-effort with open arms! Grinding Under The Influence, well, the title says it all, so here ends my review. Enjoy…


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